Cryogenic Transport Tanks

Transport tanks for air gases are designed and manufactured for your liquid distribution operations at a minimal cost for years to come with the requirements for safe and easy.

The Highlights of ISISAN transport tanks;

  • CrT series tanker bobtail and semitrailer are designed for the road transport with super insulations for long-term storage of extreme cold liquids with high quality vacuum level and low evaporation rate.

  • Low operation costs by the high payload to tare weight with optimization of the every area of the design and the materials utilized.

  • Safety and comfortable operation because of, improved ergonomics design and easily accessible valves in servicing.

  • Low operation cost by using the powerful pumps decreased unloading time and powerful pressure raising unit ensures faster pressurization.

  • Take care of the low centre of the gravity improved road handling and excellent stability for more safety transportation.

  • Long term durability and reliability because of all steel design, stainless control piping's, valves and welded connections, equipment supplied by the leaders in each area.

  • High performance safety system with dual relief valves and rupture discs by the diverter valves as standard.

  • All tankers and their components are cleaned for oxygen services.

  • Next to our range of standard transport tanks, ISISAN can provide you with a wide range of tailor made transport solutions likely regulatory requirments.

  • ISISAN tankers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest international regulations such as ADR and the TPED have been incorporated or other national regulations, as required.

  • ISISAN cryogenic tanker manufacturer facility is ISO 9000 approved to assure the best quality in all aspects of our operation.

 Design Code  EN 13458 - PED 97/23/EC
 Max. Allowable Working Pressure   19 bar / 37 bar
 Design Temperature  -196°C
 Inner Vessel Material  Stainless Steel (According to EN 10028-7)
 Outer Vessel Material  Carbon Steel (According to En 10025/EN10028-3) 
 Insulation  Pertile & Vacuum
High Pressure Series Air Gas Transport Tank
Tank Volume It 6500 9000 11500 14000
Net Water Capacity It 6350 8900 11450 14040
Tank Empty Weight kg 4200 5020 6065 7490
Liquid (0.5 barg) kg 6800 9450 12160 14920
Low Pressure Series Air Gas Transport Tank
Tank Volume It 33500 30000 24500 22000 18600
Net Water Capacity It 33490 29800 24250 21780 18620
Tank Empty Weight kg 9800 10400 9250 9200 8800
Liquid (0.5 barg) kg 25200 22450 25750 23150 24200
Total kg 42000 39850 42000 39350 40000

Air Gas Transport Tanks P&ID High Pressure Series

"K" outlets will be connected to collector.

1 Jacketed Pressure Vessel 17/A Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve Option 1
2 Vacuum Safety Device 17/B Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve 52 Gas Analysis Valve
3 Evacuation Valve 19 Equalizer Valve 53 Gas Analysis Connection
4 Try Cock Valve 20 Vapor Vent Valve Option 2
8 Low Pressure Shut-Off Valve 25 Fill Connection 67 Emergency Shut-Off Valve
10 High Pressure Shut-Off Valve 32 Pressure Building Coil 68 Thermal Relief Valve
11 Bottom Fill Isolating Valve 33 Pressure Indicator Option 3
12 Top Fill Valve 51 Non-Return Valve 69 Liquid Analysis Valve
13 Bottom Fill Valve 54 Pressure Build-up Valve 72 Liquid Analysis Connection
14 Level Indicator 62 Purge Valve Option 4
16 Evacuation Connection 70 Thermal Relief Valve 71 Flowmeter

Air Gas Transport Tanks P&ID Low Pressure Series

"K" outlets will be connected to collector.

ESB1 Emergency Stop Button 1 Fill Connection 32/A Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve
ESB2 Emergency Stop Button 2-L Bottom Fill Valve 32/B Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve
TSB1 Transport Cruising Button 3-G Top Fill Valve 35-1 Thermal Relief Valve
ATS1 Anti-tow Away System 4-T1 Try Cock Valve (%95) 35-2 Thermal Relief Valve
VACUUM CONNECTION 4-T2 Try Cock Valve (Optional) 35-3 Thermal Relief Valve
5 Vacuum Safety Device 4-T3 Try Cock Valve (Optional) 35-4 Thermal Relief Valve
50 Evacuation Valve 9 Drain Line Valve 35-5 Thermal Relief Valve
51 Evacuation Connection 10 Pressure Building Coil 35-6 Thermal Relief Valve (Optional)
INDICATOR (LEVEL, PRESSURE) LINE 11-L Pressure Build-up Valve 34 Vapor Vent Valve
40 Level Indicator 12-G Vapor Outlet Valve PBC PUMP SUCTION LINE
41 Equalizer Valve 13-L Pump PBC Inlet Valve 60-L Pump Suction Valve
42-G Low Pressure Shut-Off Valve 18-L Emergency Shut-Off Valve (Optional) 63 Pump
43-L High Pressure Shut-Off Valve 52 Liquid Analysis Valve (Optional) 65 Pump By-pass Valve
44 Pressure Indicator 53 Gas Analysis Valve (Optional) 66-L Pump Outlet Valve
46 Pump Pressure Gauge CONSUMPTION LINE 68-L Pump Outlet Connection
47 Pump High Pressure Switch 21-L Emergency Shut-Off Valve 70 Purge Valve
48 Pump Vacuum Switch 71 Analysis Adapter (Optional)
49 Temperature Probe Safety Device 72 Flowmeter Isolating Valve (Optional)
73 Flowmeter (Optional)